I find myself reminiscing on that time of my life where I genuinely felt lost. Taking direction from whoever about whatever. Not taking a few seconds to acknowledge my feelings or what my heart deemed okay for me. Not allowing myself the time and space to search within and go “why is that here and how do I get it over there?” . I also find myself realizing that all of my wants , I have. All I need has been provided before I needed it.

22 allowed me to use the tools that have been gifted onto me. The gifts that allow me to be who I am and confident in it. 22 allowed me to say no to what I wanted to say no to and yes only when it felt right. 22 brought on many new wisdoms and has introduced me to many new people who kept the wisdom cypher going. The wisdom that I pray and hope 23 uses well.

Twenty-three, hey. What’s up? I have somethings going but I know you’ll adjust well. You will make yourself known and remove what needs to be removed and welcome the newness that will continue to push me the limit. Allow my wings to never become weak but continue to grow bigger and stronger and whichever way they take me, I’ll be ok. Twenty-three I know you have a big reputation but take your time. I believe in you and you don’t have to prove anything to anyone . You’re here, you’ve made it. I’m excited to meet you. Thank you in advance for reminding me why we are what we are and when we are. Thank you for bringing in the positivity that balances and removes the negativity and understanding there is something to learn in those negative spaces. May you enter this body , In this realm with upward and forwardness. Oh how glad I am that you are here. I welcome you with a warm vibration that you will match to bring the flames. Hey , Twenty-Three… I’m ready.

-Beanz Out


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