Friday, June 16, 2017

Let’s get into this jacket ladies and gentleman. Let’s talk about this crazy deal I stumbled upon while riding around Atlanta and my friend randomly wanting to stop at Urban Outifitters. Now I have a rule about shopping at Urban Outiftters, if it isn’t on sale, PUT IT BACK! Literally, the majority of that stuff you can find at a thrift store, or on some hipster’s Etsy account. Where’s the lie? However, I don’t have time to search thrift stores and online shopping is a hassle so I just wait until Urban is having a sale. I could always wait on clothes. But that’s the problem, I always tell myself I could wait on clothes and end up with shoes for days with nothing to wear. So, I’ve been shopping. Reinventing my look (again). Trying to incorporate a little more color to my wardrobe. The sad part is someway, somehow I always result to buying something black or olive green or grey, those are like my go to colors. However, I saw this jacket and I had to have it. The site says $29.99 but I definitely paid $20. (Urban is weird like that) 

I’ve been neglecting my denim. These are my favorite Joe’s jeans that I bought three years ago. I have ripped these jeans more times than I can count but I love them so I just get them patched up. I have a jeans about designer jeans and that’s just buy one pair a year. They’re supposed to last like forever so you don’t need to spend all your money on a pair everytime you go shopping. I have bought some cheap little H&M jeans and some BDG as well but their exactly that, cheap little jeans that if I wash and dry probably won’t fit the same. 

I enjoyed this look. Felt great to wear. Got a lot of compliments and that jacket will be a staple in my wardrobe that will transition well into any season. 

Now, What Was Said About My “Romper”?

It has come to my attention that the new “trend” in men’s fashion is the ‘Romper’. Basically, a jumpsuit. Basically, an adult onesie that you could wear outside the house. This trend has sparked a lot of people’s attention and I have decided to weigh in on it a little bit.

First and foremost, this trend is not new. Overalls, jumpsuits, short jumpsuits and everything in between have been a thing for years. It’s been seen on runways by major designers and it has been apart of almost every major music scene for decades across almost all genres. Every one of us have owned a version of the romper since birth(the onesie). So why all of a sudden is it causing a rawr? I’m not sure. What I’m also not sure of is, who the fuck said fashion trends had a specific gender? Why can’t a man wear a short jumpsuit without his sexuality being in jeopardy? Who ever deemed a trend only for a woman or for a man? And if you’re such a man ,why the hell are you so hyper aware of your sexuality all the time and what people think of it? Clothes do not define who you are and what you like, its fashion. Its made to make you feel comfortable not other people. Lets dig deeper.

Whats really sick is that, its all good when these trends are “white-only”. No one is questioning the white man whose shorts barely cover his ass, no one questions the white man who wears sandals, BUT as soon as a man of color wears these “trends” he’s gay. Help me understand this. I repeat, ITS FASHION! There is no sexuality, gender or anything attached to fashion, if you like it, do what the fuck you do and don’t let anyone tell you anything different. Secondly, its sick that we live in a world where our fashion choices determine how we are viewed by society. This whole masculine, feminine bullshit is absolutely absurd. We have men walking around here suppressing their true feelings because they are scared to express themselves because of the threat of his masculinity. FYI bro, if you are comfortable with yourself and what you like you should not give two fucks about what someone else thinks or says. Be true to you and free your mind from society’s standard of what a man is. We have women walking around here being silent because she’s afraid to accidentally hurt these VERY emotional men’s feelings and she is taught to “stay in a woman’s place” FUCK-ALL-DAT! A woman’s place is the same place as a man, and there is NOTHING more attractive than a woman who defends herself and can hold down herself. FYI SIS, YOU FUCKING ROCK ON YOUR OWN, SPEAK UP!

Back to the subject at hand, this trend is NOT new and it SHOULD NOT be belittled because its a great look. It’s fun, its simple and oh my goodness its so comfortable. Using the bathroom could get a little tricky but oh well. A man’s pant length should not determine his life and why do men’s knees make you so uncomfortable anyway?  Any trend that attracts you, go for it. Go for it. Yes you can pull it off, yes it is for you and don’t let anyone tell you anything different. I will continue wearing my “rompers” or jumpsuits or whatever we want to call them, #issalook and its great in my eyes.

-Beanz Out


Black, Alone & Well- Traveled

All my life I had made these plans to do things that involved someone else. I remember in high school, Lady Gaga had came to town and I had another friend who wanted to see GaGa live. This was during her Fame Monster circa so I had to see it. I had my money for the ticket, my other friend didn’t. Guess what happened ? I didn’t see GaGa that year. I was so sad because I didn’t feel comfortable enough to go to a concert by myself. If my friend didn’t go, I didn’t go. Nonetheless, some years passed and I was able to see Lady GaGa live (ArtPop circa). But instances like this has happened to me so many times. I have even lost friends due to similar situations. (Yes another quick story) I had a really close friend, I mean two peas in a pod. We loved  our pod so much, we got an apartment together. We had planned to go to New Orleans for her birthday, didn’t happen. Several other things happened in the midst but the kicker for me was Afropunk Brooklyn 2016. We were supposed to go together, we didn’t. I didn’t know we weren’t going as one until last minute. Ticket prices went up and everything! I WAS PISSED! I ended up going by myself to Afropunk because at that moment I was just fed up. At that moment I made the choice to start traveling alone. I was already used to going on adventures by myself and talking to strangers and making new connections. Why not travel alone ? That friend and I no longer speak unfortunately (a lot more transpired before and after the Afropunk drama) but, I say all that to say, there is so much liberation and awkwardness in traveling alone. There’s something in you like, oh shit what if something happens? Who is going to help me? All kind of questions start going through your head but literally you have to just tell yourself, fuck it! Whatever happens, happens. I’m going! Then when you finally make it to your destination and start doing things and meeting people you feel like the ultimate bad ass. The thrill of running off your own time and the joy of doing whatever you truly want to do. Luckily, by the Grace of God, I’m still alive to tell the story about my solo travels.

My latest adventure took me to Jamaica. I booked a ticket to Jamaica to meet and stay with complete strangers. Yes! I’m NUTS! But let’s talk about the importance of being black and well traveled for a second before I jump into that experience. A lot of black kids don’t have the opportunity to go to a resort for a vacation and they definitely don’t have the opportunity to go to a resort out of the country like some of the other kids. And for that reason alone is why it is important to be black and well traveled. Representation. The more black people that are travel will open doors for other people to travel so that other kids can identify with them and have an understanding that not only are you going to grow up and be phenomenal but you too can travel across boarders and you too will take your kids to these different places. Traveling is so important, helps broaden your mental horizons and that is definitely needed within the black and brown community.

But back to me going to Jamaica. This trip was about to be a flop too due to some friends not being able to go. At first I wanted to go to Mexico for spring break. It’s my last spring break, I’m not spending in Miami or anywhere in the states! Mexico didn’t happen. So I started looking for deals elsewhere. I was skeptical about going out the country by myself but a friend told me, “just do it!”. I prayed like God I really want to go out the country for Spring Break. I was perusing the internet and came across something called Global Jet Black Jaunt. A group of travelers dedicated towards people of color. They had a sick deal to Jamaica during my spring break. 4 days, all inclusive(except airfare) for $1000. It was super last minute so I booked it ! And since I booked it during Black History Month, I got $200 off. So it made the deal even sweeter. I was so skeptical about this because it was my first time going out the country and to add some more edge, I’m going by myself to meet and live with complete strangers! But I had to literally tell myself, “Why the hell not ! If I die or get kidnapped or something then so be it.” That was litteally my attitude( Let’s be honest here, it’s not even safe in the United States either #FindOurGirls).

The trip was amazing! Met amazing people, literally everyone in my group literally were friends in another life at another time, it was crazy. I just couldn’t believe that some higher power created his beautiful country, and I did a lot of reflection on that and my life as a whole and just to think how far I’ve come and also realizing again how much further I have to go. That’s why I say, travel alone. Spend sometime with yourself in an unfamiliar environment. Meet people! I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to meet new people, the connections I have made will help me forever and I’m forever grateful for that.

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Before I started traveling , I thought traveling was expensive. But it’s really not. I’m planning a trip to Europe, 5 countries for a week-$1500. That’s airfare, housing, all that! Like anything else in life, do your research. Get rid of the mindset that you have to have this hyper-glamorous traveling experience and learn to enjoy what the country truly has to offer. In Jamaica I got to really be with the locals and talk with them, in New Orleans I really walked through the quarter before all the Mardi Gras madness took place and embrace the New Orleans culture, in DC I ate so much crab it made no sense( and I’ve never been a crab eater,had to detox like shit when I got back). Just enjoy your travels! Put your damn phone away and embrace it all, the people, the scenery, the FOOD, everything. Another tip, DO NOT FLY SPIRIT OUT OF THE COUNTRY! The worst thing to hear while out of the country with y’all president in office is your flight got cancelled, that’s all I’m going to say about that.

I have tons of tips about traveling domestically and internationally and I welcome questions, so let’s talk.

-Beanz Out


Photo credits : The Art Hype 


No matter how much you try to ignore all that’s going on in the world, you can’t. Every morning you pick up your phone and there’s an alert from CNN reporting something about Trump and all his shenanigans. In recent news, there was a report about this HBCU initiative that he signed off on which basically will help fund HBCU through the White House. When I first saw the headline all I could do is shake my head.

I attend Clark Atlanta University and I love my HBCU even with all of its problems in regards to financial aid and the registrars office, it’s all apart of the growing that one goes through while attending this illustrious university.

Most HBCU are private schools which can put a nice dent in your pockets and a lot of funding is through grants and what not which is fine but, I’m not to sure how comfortable I am with Trump and his representatives having anything to do with HBCU especially mine in particular. I don’t trust it. Besty DeVous made a very interesting comment about HBCU “providing an alternative option to students denied the right to attend a quality school is the legacy of #HBCUs”. There’s so much wrong with that comment, and that comment is what Trump and his administration think about HBCU. These institutions were started by African Americans because they had no where else to go, there weren’t any alternatives. The founders of Howard, Bethune, FAMU, Morehouse, Spelman or Clark didn’t have the option of applying to Yale, Harvard, Duke or Princeton.  They weren’t allowed. Secondly, have you all forgot how many gems have come out of HBCU? The legacy that is embedded at HBCU are astonishing. We know who came before us and what they have done and we know the responsibility we have to continue the legacy in our own way. So if we’re talking about quality let’s discuss Martin Luther King(Morehouse College), Thurgood Marshall(Lincoln University,Howard University), Spike Lee(Morehouse College), Julius Chambers(Nord Carolina Central University), Langston Hughes(Lincoln University), and the list goes on! Lets talk about the future leaders of communities running for mayors and senators and the doctors and teachers that have graduated from HBCU.

I want to believe that this order will help HBCU but in his time where people don’t even see them as important and where the president has Twitter fingers and doesn’t seem to understand the importance of people of color and what they have done and are doing for America I have a hard time believing that this is going to end well or have any effect on HBCU at all. I have a hard time normalizing anything Trump does which is what a lot of people what me to do. Forget what him and his representatives represent. I have a hard time still processing what is going on in this country and the effects of how the decisions Trump has made is effecting other countries and our ties with other countries.

Thanks to my HBCU I have become a well versed individual. I have learned about myself and those before me and how I can help those after me. Every time I step on my campus I’m reminded about the excellence that is deeply rooted in the foundation of my institution. If the intentions of Trump aren’t good and are meant to take away what those before us have fought for, we are going to have major issues. I repeat, we must come together to keep what’s ours,(rights, land, money, schools, businesses) ours. #LEAVEMYHBCUALONE

It’s Saturday.

Today I got a chance to breathe. In that breath I decided to wear some color and what color did I decide, grey ! And I couldn’t leave out my yellow hat, it’s been my thing every year when the seasons are transitioning to wear this hat but I’ve added some pins over time.

Update of me, I haven’t cut my hair since October. I’m on some sort of natural hair journey. I’m learning a lot about my hair. I have something called a hair pattern and apparently water and oil do wonders for my wooly hair which makes no sense to me but it works. I’m not to sure what I’m doing to it but it’s another part of my journey. Also, coming soon to the blog is a recipe section. I have gotten a few requests to start posting my vegetarian/vegan meals so I’m going to do just that. Not giving myself a date because I don’t do well with those. When it happens, it will just happen. I tried to cut out cheese and other dairy products  as a whole for February but I failed so I’m just going to take my time with that and just cut back as time goes on. But, before I continue I would like to say thank you to all of you who read Designer Beanz and who pull me to the side to actually have discussions about my post or something that relates to my blog, I appreciate you. Last update, I moved ! I moved out of my first apartment into a small one bedroom on the west side of town. It’s a small accomplishment that I’m very proud of and I can’t wait to see what this new place holds for me. So stay tuned. 

-Beanz Out


Top: sweater& jacket(Old Navy) shirt-Zara 

Pants: Topman 

Shoes: Adidas