This is a Style Blog right ?

This is where I come to say whatever I want. This is my outlet, my way of expressing myself, giving myself to others. And that includes my outfits. So here we are…a look. 

I’ve been trying to incorporate more color into my wardrobe and I must say it’s been fun. Every few months I try different looks and see how they work for me. I’ve been trying to get away from the edgy, oversized, I might do drugs in an alley look and go into a more edgy yet clean line, if I do drugs it’s designer drugs and in the comfort of my home so no one knows, look. And it’s been working for me. (No I don’t do drugs mom relax !) 

The hardest thing for me has been like getting up and thinking, what do I wear? I’m used to going in closet grabbing a top(black) a pair of pants(black) and my shoes. The hardest part used to be what shoes to wear. Now it’s, what the hell do I wear? But I’ll get used to this. 

Shirt: ASOS

Jacket: Zara

Pants: H&M

Shoes: Comme des Garcons 


July 1, 2017

I’ve been having a hard time reconnecting with myself. I have been so caught up in the hoopla that I feel like I wasn’t being me.Unfortunately, I was giving to much of my energy to the wrong things and people which caused me to lose myself for a while. I couldn’t articulate my thoughts, I couldn’t process things correctly. Then on top of that, summer school decided to turn up on me out of no where. So there I was, stuck and tired. Stuck in a place that I wasn’t familiar with and couldnt tell you how I got there. I just knew this place wasn’t allowing me to be myself. Earlier this week I told myself, I’m letting it go. I didn’t know what it was but I woke up and said, I’m letting this go. And I did. I realized that the reason why I was in this place of being stuck and tired is because I chose to stay there. I was choosing to stay in this place that kept me from being myself,kept me from opening up, kept me down. And the reason why I stayed there is because something in me felt safe there. “They can’t find me here” I told myself out of fear of being myself. I had given myself, my energy, my greatness to so many people who didnt deserve it, waste of time. People who were the result of “wyd” text and thoughts of boredom. My energy was off. My equilibrium was off. I was off. So I put myself in this place where I was drained and tired and I rested there. But I had to get out. I couldn’t let a few fuck ups get me out of whack. 

I woke up today July 1,2017 with new energy, new thoughts, newness. Everything in my life is new. I have new people in my life occupying my time and we’re good. I have new struggles I haven’t dealt with before, but I will handle them. I have new goals and I can’t achieve those goals in that unfamiliar place of replenishment that kept me away from me. I’m here, I’m back and I’m happy to be here. Happy to be back in the now. Protect your energy, your body, your heart, your soul. Take that time you need to unplug but don’t forget to plug back in and be great. 
-Beanz Out

Friday, June 16, 2017

Let’s get into this jacket ladies and gentleman. Let’s talk about this crazy deal I stumbled upon while riding around Atlanta and my friend randomly wanting to stop at Urban Outifitters. Now I have a rule about shopping at Urban Outiftters, if it isn’t on sale, PUT IT BACK! Literally, the majority of that stuff you can find at a thrift store, or on some hipster’s Etsy account. Where’s the lie? However, I don’t have time to search thrift stores and online shopping is a hassle so I just wait until Urban is having a sale. I could always wait on clothes. But that’s the problem, I always tell myself I could wait on clothes and end up with shoes for days with nothing to wear. So, I’ve been shopping. Reinventing my look (again). Trying to incorporate a little more color to my wardrobe. The sad part is someway, somehow I always result to buying something black or olive green or grey, those are like my go to colors. However, I saw this jacket and I had to have it. The site says $29.99 but I definitely paid $20. (Urban is weird like that) 

I’ve been neglecting my denim. These are my favorite Joe’s jeans that I bought three years ago. I have ripped these jeans more times than I can count but I love them so I just get them patched up. I have a jeans about designer jeans and that’s just buy one pair a year. They’re supposed to last like forever so you don’t need to spend all your money on a pair everytime you go shopping. I have bought some cheap little H&M jeans and some BDG as well but their exactly that, cheap little jeans that if I wash and dry probably won’t fit the same. 

I enjoyed this look. Felt great to wear. Got a lot of compliments and that jacket will be a staple in my wardrobe that will transition well into any season. 

Suits, sneakers and the thugs in my head.

Everyday while I’m getting ready for work I feel like one of those Kermit the Frog memes where Kermit is talking to his inner evil twin. I call my inner evil twin, the thugs in my head. They control what I wear. I try to be professional and clean cut but they tell me to do otherwise.

I was getting dressed the other day and I wanted to wear a suit. I got this suit on sale at Topman. I was putting everything together and the thugs started to take over. I was like ok, I’ll wear my wingtips that way I’ll be comfortable and won’t be asked all day “do you work here?”. The thugs had other plans. The thugs insisted I wore my Nike Prestos. I haven’t even had time to get my pants altered but the thugs were like “show out, cuff the pants !”

I tend to wear a lot of dark colors so when I buy shoes I tend to lean towards more fun shoes. I saw these Nike Prestos on sale and there was no question about them, I had to have them so I bought them.

The sneaker and suit look is one that can go anyway. I usually would’ve done my Comme des Garçons or my Stan Smiths but the thugs had other plans that day. A button up would’ve went perfectly fine as well but apparently an oversized sweater and t shirt was more appropriate. And honestly, I couldn’t agree anymore. I really enjoyed this look. I was comfortable and I was still able to look presentable and still be myself.

Suits are very traditional and some traditions need to be broken every now and then. Pairing a sneaker with a suit gives a more laid back appeal and keeps you comfortable. I also believe it adds an edge to the suit that many don’t expect.

How do you guys feel about my handlebar mustache ? Something new I’m trying. Tell me in the comments.

Beanz Out

The black boot

Little kids have this fascination with boots. I bought my niece a pair of pink Dr. Martens sometime ago and my sister told me she wanted to wear those boots everywhere. Clearly I’m still a kid because I love boots as well and I try to where them everywhere just like my niece.

I don’t buy boots every year. Actually I just bought a pair of boots on Black Friday( original price $348 got them for $119, steal) . I’m real particular about my boots. I need a boot that I could dress up and dress down and if needed to kick someone’s ass in, you just never know what life may throw your way.

I tend to wear a lot of black and shades of grey. This year I was stuck on getting a black boot. Since I wear majority dark colors I usually would get something other than black for my shoes but the black boot was a need this year because all my black boots are reaching their near end.

A black boot is a staple that would always be in my closet and should be one everyone’s. I tell my clients all the time, get you a good boot that you literally can wear with anything because I personally feel like boots aren’t subject for just the cold weather. I wear my Docs in the middle of summer with shorts and a oversized t. That’s my look 75% of the summer actually. Boots are easy to pair with any look and again, you just never know when you might need to kick someone’s ass. 

The trick to buying boots is wait until they’re on sale. I haven’t paid full price for any of my boots and I’m talking even before my Nordstrom days. Great tip, start a wishlist on any website and just wait until there is a sale and see if the boots or anything goes on sale. Also, don’t be cheap with your boots. They should last for multiple seasons. They should be able to take a good beating and also get cleaned and shined up after the ass kicking. 

All in all, love your boots. Take boot season by the laces and have fun. 

Beanz Out.