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cropped-img_0583.jpgI hate when people ask who I am. I never know exactly where to start. Babbling is my thing. The things I’ve accomplished aren’t important to me. I tend to focus on my current, like where am I now? Not where have I been or where I am going? Who am I to decide where am I going? I have dreams like anyone else, and of course I set goals and I pray the universe works in my favor to accomplish the things in which I want to accomplish…I control my destiny and all but I do not control my destiny. Sometimes what we think is for us, isn’t, and the universe knows that. Then we’re put on this roller coaster called life. And oh what a ride.

I’m Darrius, I tend to forget not everyone knows my name. I’m a black man who has recently discovered the power in which I hold as a black man (another topic for another day).

Fashion is my drug of choice (cliché) but no for real. From an early age I’ve developed my own style just like anyone else but what makes mine different is, its me! There will be no other me! Just like there will be no other YOU! Or HIM or SHE or THEM. Fortunately, my style has evolved overtime as I continue to grow and evolve as myself. This is where I share myself to those who take me in, piece by piece. I have many journeys to share with you all, and many looks to entice your eyes and hopefully spark your fashion, style, adventure guru spirit that lives within you.

I’m horrible with about me shit. I cant tell you about someone or something I know very little about, but I want to learn more about me to tell you about me And I pray that you join me on the journey of Darrius. The journey of designer Beanz. The journey of you. And I’m holding onto that prayer. Step by step. Day by day.


Brutal winter

Brutal winter


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Gucci slip on shoes
$635 –

Hood by Air summer top

This was my very first set on Polyvore and this look basically captures my daily aesthetic. I’ve always have had this weird obsession with fur coats. Coach has done an amazing job with the revamping of their company and sticking to the quality in which Coach is known for. The toy solider coat not only looks incredibly warm and comfortable, it is that one piece that you could literally place with anything. I paired the Gucci kings bit loafer  to match the comfort of the coat. This great loafer alternative is a must this season and it’s also a timeless shoe that transition shoe that one could slip on at any time of year. To keep the balance,  a simple overall and white turtle neck will keep you warm and allow you to still be chill even when you remove your coat.

Hues of edge

Hues of edge
There are a few words that describe my everyday attire. Comfortable, edgy, dark and grudge. This look captures all of those things. I am obsessed with jackets the Helmut Lang mens collarless jacket($945) is a simple piece to throw on and go about your day. To fit the comfort category of comfort, pairing a pair of Rick Owens cargo trousers and Rick owens hat. Rick Owens has become one of my favorite designers, mixing his minimalist aesthetic with high fashion. Season after season he makes my pockets cry with his shoes, and the  Rick Owens black high top shoes($1,195) was no exception this time.