It’s Saturday.

Today I got a chance to breathe. In that breath I decided to wear some color and what color did I decide, grey ! And I couldn’t leave out my yellow hat, it’s been my thing every year when the seasons are transitioning to wear this hat but I’ve added some pins over time.

Update of me, I haven’t cut my hair since October. I’m on some sort of natural hair journey. I’m learning a lot about my hair. I have something called a hair pattern and apparently water and oil do wonders for my wooly hair which makes no sense to me but it works. I’m not to sure what I’m doing to it but it’s another part of my journey. Also, coming soon to the blog is a recipe section. I have gotten a few requests to start posting my vegetarian/vegan meals so I’m going to do just that. Not giving myself a date because I don’t do well with those. When it happens, it will just happen. I tried to cut out cheese and other dairy products  as a whole for February but I failed so I’m just going to take my time with that and just cut back as time goes on. But, before I continue I would like to say thank you to all of you who read Designer Beanz and who pull me to the side to actually have discussions about my post or something that relates to my blog, I appreciate you. Last update, I moved ! I moved out of my first apartment into a small one bedroom on the west side of town. It’s a small accomplishment that I’m very proud of and I can’t wait to see what this new place holds for me. So stay tuned. 

-Beanz Out


Top: sweater& jacket(Old Navy) shirt-Zara 

Pants: Topman 

Shoes: Adidas 


First, last day of Spring Semester

It’s all coming to an end so fast. 4 years ago I just graduated high school and thought I had it all figured out at my instate community college. A year later I transferred to the illustrious Clark Atlanta Unitersity. Now I’m wrapping up my senior year and it can’t go any faster! I’ve learned so much but I’m ready to graduate. In honor of the last stretch and before the real stress begins, I decided to grace the promenade with a kill. 

Side note- I realized the other day that I don’t share my daily looks with my readers enough but I do post daily on my Instagram(designerbeanz). I will start posting more, promise.

Suit/top: Topman

Shoes: Gucci

Bag: Tumi

Glasses: Ray Bans


A Minimal Post

I’ve been practicing the art of letting go. I have allowed myself time to evaluate the things in my life. Those things could be people or actual physical things. I evaluated the people in my life and had to figure out why they are in my life and what they adding to my life and what do I THINK I add to their life. After evaluating people I am left with being alone a lot of times. I figured out some people are just taking up space and not doing much, some were even cancers to my life or I was a cancer in theirs. We weren’t good for each other, and that’s good to acknowledge because then you are allowed to look at yourself and evaluate yourself.

Earlier I mentioned the fact that I often find myself alone. I enjoy being alone. People tend to get confused with being alone and lonely, and let’s be clear- I’m not lonely. Lonely is an emotion, feeling left out or abandoned. Alone is just being by yourself and I often enjoy being alone. When I’m alone I tend to really look at myself and pay attention to my thoughts and feelings. And I don’t think we as people don’t put enough energy into inwardly self. We think alone time is let me get a massage or let me go get a haircut but sometimes we need to actually focus on a feeling that we’ve been carrying around. Focusing your energy is so important.

Ive been getting rid of things in my life and it has allowed to me to refocus my energy when it’s needed. I’m learning how to evaluate everything in my life and what it adds or takes away from me. All of this is due to my fasciation with minimalism and my journey of minimizing my life. Originally, I was just attracted to the aesthetics of minimal living. The simple wardrobe, the simple yet chic living environment. As I continued to look more into it I realized what it was really about. Detaching yourself from things and really becoming aware of who you are as an individual and not putting so much emphasize on what you have you externally but who you are internally.

So I have these bracelets I always wear. One is bronze and the other one was copper. I had a customer come in, sweet older lady. She saw my bracelet and wanted it. She even was willing to pay for it. Initially I said no like these bracelets are apart of my aesthetics. But she wanted the bracelet for her arthritis(copper is good for arthritis). So I was still helping her and in the midst I got quiet. I was having an internal conversation with God consulting on what should I do. After some consulting I gave her bracelet. One, I only had the bracelet for the looks of it  and she needed it for arthritis(wants vs. needs). Secondly, it’s just a bracelet, I could simply get another one. When you put good into the world and think about the needs of others, good comes back to you. And that’s exactly what happened. Same lady came back the next day to give me a new bracelet, this one silver. I will forever be grateful and I will always remember her and that’s what life is about. Meeting people, exchanging good vibes and good words.

Originally when I started minimizing my life I thought I just had to throw everything away and start fresh but I learned that, that’s not the way to go. When we throw things away we only end up buying more stuff that we think we need. I found this blog that gave me a few pointers on how to begin my journey. I have removed a lot of things from my life and I started to focus more on who I was as a human, as a man, as a black man living in the now. One thing I have a huge attachment to is my shoes. I just love shoes and I like talking about them, looking at them, wearing them, I just love shoes. I have more shoes than the average man and that is perfectly fine. After watching ‘Minimalism: A Documentary about Important Things’ I realized, its okay to have my shoes. My fascination with shoes allows me to meet other people. I couldn’t tell you how many relationships I have in my life that started due to shoes. From clients at work to random people on the train. That film taught me, its ok to have things but realize why you have those things but don’t let those things define you, be true to who you are.

I continue to minimize my life I will continue to share my journey with people and hopefully inspire others. Thats what this blog is about, inspiring others, helping others ad exchanging ideas. Thats why I’m here, dressing well & talking shit.

Beanz Out

designer Beanz

cropped-img_0583.jpgI hate when people ask who I am. I never know exactly where to start. Babbling is my thing. The things I’ve accomplished aren’t important to me. I tend to focus on my current, like where am I now? Not where have I been or where I am going? Who am I to decide where am I going? I have dreams like anyone else, and of course I set goals and I pray the universe works in my favor to accomplish the things in which I want to accomplish…I control my destiny and all but I do not control my destiny. Sometimes what we think is for us, isn’t, and the universe knows that. Then we’re put on this roller coaster called life. And oh what a ride.

I’m Darrius, I tend to forget not everyone knows my name. I’m a black man who has recently discovered the power in which I hold as a black man (another topic for another day).

Fashion is my drug of choice (cliché) but no for real. From an early age I’ve developed my own style just like anyone else but what makes mine different is, its me! There will be no other me! Just like there will be no other YOU! Or HIM or SHE or THEM. Fortunately, my style has evolved overtime as I continue to grow and evolve as myself. This is where I share myself to those who take me in, piece by piece. I have many journeys to share with you all, and many looks to entice your eyes and hopefully spark your fashion, style, adventure guru spirit that lives within you.

I’m horrible with about me shit. I cant tell you about someone or something I know very little about, but I want to learn more about me to tell you about me And I pray that you join me on the journey of Darrius. The journey of designer Beanz. The journey of you. And I’m holding onto that prayer. Step by step. Day by day.

Brutal winter

Brutal winter


Publish men s fashion

Gucci slip on shoes
$635 –

Hood by Air summer top

This was my very first set on Polyvore and this look basically captures my daily aesthetic. I’ve always have had this weird obsession with fur coats. Coach has done an amazing job with the revamping of their company and sticking to the quality in which Coach is known for. The toy solider coat not only looks incredibly warm and comfortable, it is that one piece that you could literally place with anything. I paired the Gucci kings bit loafer  to match the comfort of the coat. This great loafer alternative is a must this season and it’s also a timeless shoe that transition shoe that one could slip on at any time of year. To keep the balance,  a simple overall and white turtle neck will keep you warm and allow you to still be chill even when you remove your coat.