Black Privilege 

Black privilege…wasn’t expecting that were you? People go on and on about white privilege so much that we forget about the privileges we have as black people. There is totally a such thing as black privilege and now that I think of I don’t even know if it’s a privilege but let’s just say, it’s a great time to black.
Now, I know I’m going to raise some eyebrows but just read on, ok? Cool!

I go to Clark Atlanta University which is a HBCU( historically black college or university).  I’m also in the business school which is one of the larger schools at Clark. We have job fairs, representatives from Fortune 500 companies, professors who have worked for some of these Fortune 500 companies- basically we got our shit together. It’s always funny when these representatives come to our campus because they send the ones we can relate with. Usually a natural hair woman or that super cool black dude, great! It’s great to identify with someone who works for these white washed companies. These companies have received so much backlash for not being “diverse” which is code for, AINT NO BLACK PEOPLE! This is where our privilege comes in. 

Now we know we have to work 10 times harder than Bob and Rachel but when these companies see you attending a HBCU and know you’re of African decent and are about to obtain a degree(especially in business) they are literally throwing themselves at you. They basically are selling you on the job and begging you to apply and hopefully get hired so that your black ass can come in the office and spice things up. Now you’re professors are fully aware of this and they groom you on the finesse. How to finesse your interview, how to finesse a higher salary, how to finesse your black privilege. And I must say being a black man has even more benefits. It’s unfortunate that women aren’t being paid equally for the same work that her male counterpart does but remember that thing I mentioned about finessing your black privilege? Okay, lean into your screen because I’m taking it to another level…black men and other black women, when you take your black ass into these companies being all magical and great, YOU BETTER TURN THE FUCK UP! I mean just start changing shit, boss up in the office. Make your presence known and rub your privilege in everyone’s face because not only do they barely want you there but they know if you not there, there’s going to be more problems about diversity in the workplace and they don’t have time for that. But let’s remember that we are in this together so black men and women when you being all great and magical and carefree don’t forget your other educated black friends. Be the door opener for them. It is our responsibility to look out for one another so why not use our unspoken of privilege to “diversify” the workplace with more black magic. 

Now black folk! When you get in these peoples office don’t embarrass us! Read that like how MaMa would say it, you know who MaMa is. Mingle, be on time, do the things you know to do because no matter what we are still black and that’s all they’ll remember but still be great for you and those who will come after you and for those who came before you. 

Another privilege that a friend reminded me of was our shopping experience. There is always someone around to help us at the drop of the dime! I mean every step there is someone on our heels making sure that we’re ok and don’t need feel unwanted or like no one wants to help us because you know that’s how everyone is treated when they shop. No personal space. Now clearly I’m joking but I mean sometimes you just have to make a joke out of something’s because it’s just that mind blowing. Fun fact: non colored people steal more than people of color. Just stating facts here. I work in retail, I know!

We must understand our privilege is deeper than getting that big corporate job but it’s also the understanding of being black that no one but black people will understand and that’s a privilege to be able to identify with a person no matter where you are and what you’re doing. White privilege is full of I deserve and I’m better than, don’t be like that black people. We deserve because we worked for it, we prayed for this, our family prayed for this whatever THIS is, we worked for it and we will be great at it. Just think of our ancestors and what they fought for, what they marched for, the standard they held themselves at and those around them, we need to always keep that in mind. It’s our time to use our privilege, our smarts and all the magic that is rooted in our melanin to flip the script in every setting. Now go be great Beany Babiez.

-Beanz Out


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