Black History Month

It’s my favorite month of the year(besides my birthday). A month that focuses on black excellence. Yes black excellence is shown everyday and black people make history throughout the year but this month is for us. 

I am unapologetically black everyday, 365 days of year and that will not change. What’s frustrating,however, are those who try to downplay black history month with questions like “why isn’t there a white history month?” Or with comments like “you’re pro black which means you’re anti white!” And I don’t understand how people confuse these things. First and foremost, the fact that white Hollywood had to tell me about black women being so profound in mathematics and science to the point where they helped with the first man going to the moon is why we have black history month and not white history month. White history is all I’ve been taught. The fact that black people have to go the extra mile just to find out that we’re more than athletes and enetertianers but we’re iventors, doctors, lawyers, scientist, philosophers is why we have black history month. If you feel like there needs to be a white history month, you are apart of the problem. White history is all that is taught and the story that white people stole black people from their homes to become slaves and how they tried to keep us as a oppressed race but we as a people said hell no, and decided to become the exact things white people were afraid of, phenomenal. 

I never understood how one can interpret being pro black with anti white. But then again when you think about pro white groups such as the KKK, they are anti black so I guess that’s where the misinterpretation comes from. However, I love everyone no matter what the color of their skin is but I love myself first. I know what I posses as a black man and I am proud of that. I’m not here to downplay any other race I am here to uplift a race that has been put down for so long and to unify people as a whole. So yes, black history month is important because no matter where you turn, for a month(a short month) you will be forced to see the accomplishments of black people to remind you that we are humans too.

Everybody deserves to be celebrated throughout the year. And when it’s your time I will give you the respect you deserve, when it’s your time. But when February arrives, don’t take away the feeling from any black person. This is for us and let us embrace it.


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