The “ghetto girl” is the fashion icon

Fashion week has been going on for a while now and this year like every other year I am enjoying the shows from my computer screen. I do plan on actually voicing my opinions on the upcoming trends but something heavy is on my heart. There’s a trend constantly being repeated in the fashion industry and it’s just getting out more and more, frustrating to say the least. This trend is called ‘BLACK WOMEN”. Yes, black women have been a “trend” for a while now. And it’s more than having the ebony skin tones grace the runway to over exaggerate the colors and textures of the piece, no that’s amazing, actually need to see more of it on the runway but, it’s the trend such as hair wraps and big door knocker earrings and obsessive hand jewelry, you know, the trends that black women have been rocking for years and have been belittled and degraded for? The trends that have been classified as “hood” or “ratchet”. The trends that I grew up seeing and admiring are now being worn by women and men of all colors and that’s fine but why are we changing the names? Why are we not giving the credit to the originators ? Why is it that when a black woman or man does it, it’s hood and ghetto but when Balenciaga recreates the Chinese slipper that cost $5 at the beauty supply store and sells it for $1,545 its trendy and the new “it” shoe? No. It’s old, been there, done that. 
I think we just need to recognize the originators of basically everything and stop giving these big names the glory for things that have been done decades ago in black communities. I’m so proud of Rihanna for winning the style icon award because as an unapologetic black woman she is starting trends, continuing trends and in people’s face killing it without effort everyday! Black women are the true fashion icons and the true trend setters. Next time you see a sister rocking her look, applaud her because more than likely it will be on the runway in a few seasons and she won’t get the credit she deserves and that’s not okay. 
Black women, I’m here for you all day everyday and NO ONE does you better than you! Black Women=ICONIC.


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