It’s that time of year again where everyone recaps their year. Everyone is analyzing what took place in the year, reminiscing on the good the and bad. I myself have been counting down for the arrival of 2017 for so many reasons. Like every year, I look at the new year as another year to make something happen. I usually make New Years resolutions that I end up forgetting but somehow remain to maintain the thought of what I said I was going to do in my head and I manage to recall what I said I was going to do near the end of the year.

In the beginning of 2016 I said I wanted to socialize more. I literally would have no problem talking to anyone and going to places where your supposed to engage with people and like not talk to anyone. This year I went to Afropunk by myself and ran into some really cool people. I actually engaged myself in campus activities, small ones but I spoke to people and that was a big deal for me. I found a love of talking to strangers and homeless people. I learned to learn from everyone no matter where you are or who they are.

Another thing I wanted to do is just explore myself more. I really feel like in 2016 I was given opportunities to really find out who I am and what I wanted and didn’t want. I allowed myself to focus on places in my life that I still haven’t healed from and I acknowledged them and have it to God and the universe to heal those areas. Day by day I found myself and day by day and let go of something else. I learned where to put my energy and where not to put my energy. I’m still learning and I’m still growing but I honor 2016 for allowing me to find out about me and focusing on me as an individual.

I have accomplished things in 2016 that I am very satisfied with and I’m not the type to boast about my life and how good or bad it is. But I traveled this year, I met new people, I’ve experienced things that I will never forget, I passed all my classes and received scholarships(plural), and I have Designer Beanz. This blog was an idea I sat on for years. And I am so happy that God allowed me to start the blog and I appreciate every last one of my readers. I initially thought no one gave a flying shit about what I had to say but there are people who read and listen and actually talk about little ole me and my blog and I couldn’t be anymore pleased.

2017 I really don’t have a true resolution. 2017 is going to be a big year for me, I graduate. That’s the biggest deal for me. I have so many things lined up that I want to do and things that have been offered to me that I cannot wait to share with the world. However, in 2017 I want to listen to the Christ in me more. The voice that is continuously speaking to me, I need to listen to that more instead of ignoring it. I also want to continue to spread love and peace to everyone I possibly could and be a more positive uplifting person. Goals like that cause us to look inward and do some soul searching and ask yourself questions and get real with yourself. But all in all I just want to wear more black this year, like seriously. It’s the only color that makes sense.

I pray for blessings and peace and good thoughts and prosperous adventures for everyone. I pray your skin glows, your edges grow, your beard to be silky, and for you to continue to find you. May your glow shine harder in this year. Happy New Years.

Beanz Out 16′


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