Holidays and me.

I haven’t been able to sit down and gather my thoughts and transcribe them into words that are pieced together for viewers eyes. It’s Christmas morning and I couldn’t feel any less in the Christmas spirit. My niece and sister spent the holidays at my house and seeing my niece open her gifts was the most Christmas joy I’ve felt the whole season other than seeing the little kids in the Disney store singing and being all chipper. But this will be my last year celebrating Christmas. 
This is my favorite time of year, always has been. I enjoy being around my family and all the good vibes and the spirit of giving. However, as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized how commercialized Christmas has become. The rush to get gifts, going broke to get the gifts, trying to get the best deals, not knowing what the person you spend the majority of your time with likes or wants, it’s just become to much. The holiday season to me no matter what your religious background is, is about exchanging good energies and honoring the event that took place on said holiday. Not about hustling and bustling. Truly the kids get a kick out of it and that’s how it should be. Kids being kids and being so grateful to get what they’ve been wanting all year. But us adults make it not so fun. 
I had to deal with so many dads this holiday season which is typical. But it was really bad this year. They really were just settling for something to put under the tree. Didn’t care if it was the wrong size if they even knew the size. I personally never grew up around men like that. Every man in my family made sure every woman was well taken care of whether they are together or not. So to me it’s like you guys are in here settling for the woman who holds you down, the kids and everything else and you going to just settle for something to give, is that right? I honor women to the highest degree. Without women, we wouldn’t be here and if we were we would be a hot ass mess. So dads, boyfriends and husband we gotta do better as men and be on it with honoring these women in our lives and better with the gift buying!
All in all, Christmas and the holidays are great for keeping your vibrations high and keeping your energy in check. The season of giving is more than giving a tangible item. Give good energy, give strong vibrations, give kind words. That’s what I plan on doing throughout my life everyday but coming together on the holidays allows everyone to share the frequencies. 
Happy Holidays from mine to yours.


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