Well this is awkward.

Last night I decided to step out into the wild, the wild being a hip hop club in Atlanta. I’ve become a bar guy. The Atlanta club scene just doesn’t do anything for me. Keep in mind I’m from Miami so I’m real particular about where I go to club. Atlanta club scene means a lot of people dressed up taking selfies and popping bottles to them hop in their rentals or their friend’s car to go back to their studio apartment or their mom’s house. I’m just not a fan! When I go out I dance, the whole time. I’m not in the club trying to find my next lover or to flex on anyone. 

Anyways, we go to this club and the line was so long. And I just don’t do lines, not to sound stuck up or anything but I’m not waiting in a line to stand around and drink overpriced liquor especially when my friend had RSVP. So we left and went to one of my favorite little bars on my side of town and I had a really good time. There was a lot of dancing and good music but it started getting really, interesting. Mind you there were probably only like 5 black people in this car and here I am with this big hat on and my friend in this nice dress and her faux locs. We were looking really good and very black like always, no big deal. Then people started walking up to us like y’all look so good! And oh my goodness y’all are fabulous! And we’re just like yeah thank you oh man thanks so much you too! You know the cordial humble thing to do. Then one girl goes up to my friend like “oh my goodness you look like KeKe Palmer!” And my shady friend goes ” oh my and you look like Kate Spade.” Everything in me died when she said that. I’m just like why! Why did it have to go there! But we laughed and continued our night dancing in awkwardness because everyone is staring at us the whole night and we overhear the whisper like woah they can really dance and weliterally  were just two stepping and spinning around, nothing much. 

I just don’t understand why being black equals entertainment. I promise we don’t even big each other up the way everyone else does, even though we should. But something’s are just what we do. We’re not anyone’s entertainment and I feel like the whole night, the spotlight was on us for doing nothing but two stepping and twirling. 

I have a point a promise I’m not just rambling about my experience one night in Atlanta. 

I think something needs to be said about not making anyone feel like they are different or that they stand out. As a black man, naturally I’m very aware of my surroundings. I have to be. Unfortunately I’m a target to a lot of people so I have to be aware of where I am and who is in my presence. When I go out I’m not thinking of how many white people or black people are going to be there I’m more concerned about how much fun I’m going to have. When we left the bar which I go to often, all we said was that was awkward because it was. It’s awkward to spotlight anyone because they don’t necessarily fit into this mold. I think we just need to get along with each other and have a good time no matter of our religions,skin colors,sexual preference or anything. We all can share good vibes and just enjoy ourselves. But I digress. 

Beanz Out


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