Suits, sneakers and the thugs in my head.

Everyday while I’m getting ready for work I feel like one of those Kermit the Frog memes where Kermit is talking to his inner evil twin. I call my inner evil twin, the thugs in my head. They control what I wear. I try to be professional and clean cut but they tell me to do otherwise.

I was getting dressed the other day and I wanted to wear a suit. I got this suit on sale at Topman. I was putting everything together and the thugs started to take over. I was like ok, I’ll wear my wingtips that way I’ll be comfortable and won’t be asked all day “do you work here?”. The thugs had other plans. The thugs insisted I wore my Nike Prestos. I haven’t even had time to get my pants altered but the thugs were like “show out, cuff the pants !”

I tend to wear a lot of dark colors so when I buy shoes I tend to lean towards more fun shoes. I saw these Nike Prestos on sale and there was no question about them, I had to have them so I bought them.

The sneaker and suit look is one that can go anyway. I usually would’ve done my Comme des Garçons or my Stan Smiths but the thugs had other plans that day. A button up would’ve went perfectly fine as well but apparently an oversized sweater and t shirt was more appropriate. And honestly, I couldn’t agree anymore. I really enjoyed this look. I was comfortable and I was still able to look presentable and still be myself.

Suits are very traditional and some traditions need to be broken every now and then. Pairing a sneaker with a suit gives a more laid back appeal and keeps you comfortable. I also believe it adds an edge to the suit that many don’t expect.

How do you guys feel about my handlebar mustache ? Something new I’m trying. Tell me in the comments.

Beanz Out


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