Thanksgiving at Haus of Beanz 

Red cups and bottles on top of bottles of liquor. This was my first year hosting Thanksgiving at my house, I’m officially an adult.

This year I wasn’t able to spend thanksgiving with my family and I decided to have some friends over and have dinner at my place. I cooked for three days! I had to clean and redecorate because my place was definitely single, bachelor, college student friendly. A lot of my friends never had a full pescatarian/vegetarian meal before so this was time to shine. 

There was a lot of crap being thrown my way for having a meatless Thanksgiving, the tofurky and kale jokes would not stop. But neither of those things were on the menu. I had salmon Wellington as the main dish, cornbread dressing, vegan greens, salmon fried rice(my mom said you’re not a real Guyanese without rice), maccaroni and cheese and stuffed bell peppers. I blew myself away. 

Haus of Beanz was a random joke that came up when my friends started to arrive and it just worked. My little apartment with minimal furniture and artwork everywhere, Haus of Beanz just made sense for that day. 

I’m not to sure why I’m sharing all of this with you all, I guess I’m just really proud of myself. I guess I’m really growing up but some things don’t change like I don’t know who is going to wash the dishes in the sink. Not sure if I’m going to be hosting big dinners like that again but at least I can say I did it, and the food was good and everyone had a great time. I’m thankful for everyone who came and the good vibes. And I’m very thankful for life and all of it’s ups and downs. And I’m thankful for you for reading this post as well as supporting Designer Beanz. Forever grateful.

-Beanz out


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