“…You’re like my personal stylist now…”

I have been blessed to meet some really cool and nice people at Nordstrom. A lot of my clients are crazy and that’s exactly why we get along so well. Anila is no different !

I will never forget the first time I met Anila, she was doing some returns and getting ready to go on a trip and didn’t know what to wear exactly. I always find myself in situations where I turn into people’s pop-up stylist. So after discussing what she was trying to accomplish with her look and what not I ended up styling her and then she goes ” Do you have a card you’re like my personal stylist now!” And she meant just that.

I get a message from Anila saying she needs a look for her family photos and the look has to be put together with the baby’s outfit as the focus. I had to style Anila and her husband. After a million options and text messages these are the looks I came up with.


Dress: See by Chloé

Blazer: Mural

Boots: Sam Edelman


Cardigan:AG Jeans

Shirt: Comme de Garçons 

Pants: AG Jeans

Shoes: Cole Haan 

Nordstrom and I have a love hate relationship but the connections I have built with my clients is what keeps me there.


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