My voting story. 

This year was my first year being able to vote. Some election… not exactly what I intended on it being. I just knew I was going to get a chance to vote for Bernie. I knew I was doing my social justice and Bernie was the man!
A lot of people were saying they were going to write his name in and initially I thought that was the way to go as well. Like how awesome would that be to have someone who isn’t even on the ballot be our next president of the United States. But Bernie himself said “This is not the election to prove a point.”
I was so hesitate to vote because I just didn’t know what to do. All I knew was NOT TRUMP! Anyone BUT Trump. He’s not invited to the cookout and honestly, neither is Hilary but I’ll make her a plate to go. So as I walked to ballot in my Clark Atlanta University Business School shirt( had to represent) I got more nervous like oh shit! This is happening ! I’m about to vote! Literally I got to the ballot saw the candidates and caught the worst headache. I didn’t know what to do. Do I vote Hilary who I don’t trust? Do I vote Donald because shit, I don’t know ?! Or do I write in Bernie because he’s the real winner here? Or do I just write in my name because at this point, I’m highly qualified!

This election has stressed out so many people. But for some reason I find myself at ease. I’ve learned in my short time on this planet that somethings you just cannot control but you have to be ready for anything to happen and believe that God and the universe are one and that everything will work out in our favor.

I say all this to say, I guess I’m with her and I don’t care who you are with, get your ass out and vote!


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